Objects of the samity

  1. To put to an end the dowry system, unwanted expenses etc.
  2. To see that marriageable candidates (boys/girls) may not remain bachelor due to lack of proper requisites
  3. To work as a link in between the samaj at large with the Glorious Indian Joint Family system
  4. To engage the divorcees, handicaps, widows, widowers etc.
  5. To make a proper introduction of marriageable candidates through Parichay Sammelans
  6. To encourage the samaj to co-operate
  7. To direct the social fund in the charitable cause of Samuhik Vivah
  8. To encourage the samaj to undertake matrimonial responsibilities as an elder brother
  9. To make easier the selection of proper bride & bride-groom pair
  10. To protect the samaj from the unethical hands of Marriage Dalals (mediators)
  11. To protect the samaj from going into the Matrimonial Debts.
  12. To organise and manage Samuhik Vivah with all the norms and procedures set by Agrawal Samaj

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