Principles of Agrawals

Maharaj Shree Agrasen has set 20 principles for Agrawals to follow as under -

  1. To involve into Agriculture
  2. To Protect cows and other animals
  3. To give effort for well-being of country at large through Business and trade
  4. To contribute donations and to pray Kuldevi MAHALUXMI JI
  5. To follow non-violence
  6. To serve the needy and helpless
  7. To have faith in religion and to follow VEDAs
  8. To be vegetarian
  9. To adopt Indian traditional dresses, attitude and behaviour
  10. To discard bad-habits and bad-qualities
  11. To fund the economical poor citizens
  12. To accept supremacy of knowledge
  13. To respect the guests
  14. To maintain dignity of Sanatan Hindu religion and Indian cultural values
  15. To maintain blood purity by making matrimonial relations among the Agrawals (except own Gotra)
  16. To spend less than income earned and to preserve one portion out of four for future needs
  17. To maintain simple standard of living and honesty
  18. To be polite and not to speak unnecessarily
  19. To have courage & determination
  20. To follow the rules set by social organisations

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