Negchaar (functions)
Negchaar & Jimanvaar being held as per tradition.
Karya Karini (Office Bearers)
Our Office Bearers are the backbone of the Samity. They have devoted their valuable time and every possible contribution to make the events memorable.
Atithi (Guests and Dignitaries)
Our Guests and Dignitaries have witnessed the success of Samuhik Vivah and blessed the couples a very happy & peaceful married life. We are thankful & obliged for their kind presence.
Baraat (Wedding Procession)
Bride-grooms, Office bearers, samity guests, candidate guests & others taking active participations in Baraat.
Parichay Sammelan (Introductions of Marriageable Candidates)
Candidates introducing themselves for the purpose of marriage at Parichay Sammelan being held every year.
Samuhik Vivah (Group Marriages)
Samuhik Vivah being held at various locations every year. Gathering enjoying the marriage ceremonies.
Hamaare Aadarsah (Our Ideology)

Our Ideology comes from :

  1. Mahaluxmi ji (Kul devi)
  2. Agrawal Flag
  3. Maharaj Agrasen

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